St. Clair County Health Center

St. Clair County Community Health Assistance Resource Team (C.H.A.R.T.) Coalition

Meetings - next meeting will be July 31, 2019 at 12:00 noon at St. Clair Couonty Health Center, Osceola, MO.


Minutes  4-29-15 minutes.doc  7-29-15 minutes.doc 10-14-15 minutes.doc    1-27-16 minutes.doc    4-20-16 minutes.doc

              7-13-16 minutes.doc 10-26-16 minutes.doc    1-25-17 minutes.doc    7-26-17 minutes.doc    10-25-17 minutes.doc

​              1-31-18 minutes.doc   4-25-18 minutes.doc    7-25-18 minutes.doc    10-31-18 minutes.doc   1-30-19 minutes.doc

              4-30-19 minutes.doc

Community Health Data Analysis    10 Community Health Data Analysis 2017.pdf 

                                                         2016 St. Clair County Level Study Profile.xlsx

Resource Directory        Churches.docx        COMMUNITY SERVICES.docx     COUNTY-CITY OFFICES.docx       Day Care- Head Start.docx 

                                                                Hospice-Home Health.docx     HOSPITALS.docx     Important Telephone Numbers.docx        Dentist.docx

                                                              Doctor-Nurse Practitioners.doc         Mental Health and Chiropractors.docx        Nursing Homes and Medical Equipment.docx     

                                                              PHARMACIES and Senior Center.docx           POSTAL SERVICE.docx             Schools.docx             Transportation.pdf           

Appleton City and surrounding Pharmacies list provided by Ellett Memorial Hospital  PDF

Head Start PDF​​