St. Clair County Health Center

Coronavirus COVID-19 

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GOVERNORS Directive - Governors Directive March 21, 2020.docx


Missouri COVID-19 hotline open 24 hours/7days     877-435-8411 

​Questions, please call Jeanne Beas at 660-890-5044 cell.


        Social Distancing - no crowds, avoid get-togethers, travel only for necessities (food, water, medication, diapers, etc.)

        Stay home if sick - fever, cough. If Shortness of breath, call your doctor or the hospital before traveling to them. When traveling to them                                        with symptoms wear a mask.

        Wash Hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, rinse well, dry. Avoid touching your face. 

Testing: The St. Clair County Health Center does not do testing for COVID-19. We do not have kits to test. If you are having symptoms of fever over 100.4 F, cough and difficulty breathing, you need to call your doctor. Your doctor will determine if you should be tested. At this time, the Federal Government is saying testing should be confined to hospital patients, to conserve the testing to those needing testing the most.

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Our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Shoemaker M.D., highly recommends no gatherings of people in St. Clair County. He recommends closure of Faith Based organizations, Schools, non-essential businesses until further notice. Social distancing is highly recommended of 6 feet. If ill stay home. If you need to see a doctor/nurse practitioner, call first before going in to be seen. 

Letter from Dr. Shoemaker.pdf

Business owners need to go directly to the SBA at the following link.
The SBA can provide information regarding the worksheet and process the request for assistance.