St. Clair County Health Center

Health Board Information

Board meeting: please call Nancy Stephan at 417-646-8332 for date and time of meetings.

Chairperson: Patricia Cleveland

Vice-Chairman: Mary Cook

Secretary/Treasurer: Joe Tucker

Trustee: Bill Creek

Trustee: Vacant

Tentative Agenda: 


June 29, 2017 Public Announcement:
The St. Clair County Health Board of Trustees updated the St. Clair County Food Ordinance and the St. Clair County Wastewater Treatment System Ordinance.These ordinances were approved , by the Board of Trustees, at the St. Clair County Health Center Board Meeting, on June 26, 2017.
The updates were recommended by the Department of Health and Senior Services in order to be in compliance with State requirements.
Copies of the updated Ordinances are available at the St. Calir County Health Center, 530 Arduser Drive, Osceola, MO 64776.
St. Clair County Health Center Board of Trustees